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Get to Know Us

Our Mission:


Glow Foundation is creating a platform that combines cryptocurrency and non-profit work. Our mission is to bring together a passionate group of crypto projects, social entrepreneurs, and businesses to reimagine how we run non-profit development for the 21st century.


We connect people from inside and outside the crypto industry worldwide, empowering them with digital tools and services to educate and create successful strategies to transform the charity funding systems. We focus on educating and creating opportunities to innovate crypto fundraising opportunities to provide grants and scholarships assisting communities to improve lives globally.


Glow Foundation, we are lighting up Crypto-DeFi and the entire world.

Our Focus: 

Cultivating Innovation - Collaborate with public and private partners to innovate ways to generate fundraising income and increase the development and adoption of cryptocurrency as a means to fund projects. We work together to achieve our charitable funding goals.


Strengthening Global Cooperation -  Committed to the betterment of charitable causes and institutions from across the globe with the tools necessary to be successful in their fundraising and charity endeavors. This is built on shared goals to improve the expansion and adoption of digital assets and utilization across the globe.


We connect businesses, philanthropies, and diverse communities to transform lives worldwide through charitable contributions. We support partners with bold ideas and creative approaches to create a more equitable world for all.


Generating Incentives - Through financial empowerment, we aim to tackle funding challenges and create investment opportunities to build communities and drive innovation in those doing positive work domestically and globally. We support development projects, grants, scholarship programs, and education.


Creating Opportunities - We are focused on the areas where we see the biggest barriers to prevent people from properly funding and making the most out of their organizations and changing lives. We offer a full range of services and programs to support innovative ideas and help remove barriers. We focus on connecting companies and projects to high-value and high-impact services to help expand access to Web3 projects.

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